LuncHero is the voice of each and every LunC lover & supporter

We will roll over all obstacles put before us, and together, we will lead $LUNC & $LCH to $1 🚀


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LuncHero is here to be the Voice & Flag-bearer for our strong army

For far too long, our community has been criticized, mocked & even ridiculized by the intelligentsia & right-thinking people from Finance, Governments, and even the Crypto sphere itself. But we will not take this lying down! We are rising up! We are the LunC army and we will not be silenced! We will not rest until our voices are heard!


Binance Smart Chain

$LCH was launched on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) for a simple reason; it is one of the most used blockchains on the market

$LUNC Burn Events

Many like to talk, we like to act. We are joining our words to our actions by creating a dedicated $LUNC burning program

FIRST Burn Events

Burn events will start once the $LCH reaches a Market Capitalization of $5 Million

BURN At Launch

1.5% of buy fees + 2% of sell fees will serve to buy $LUNC and burn.

A token with a real utility


LuncHero Academy

LuncHero academy could educate and train the following billion Web 3.0 & Crypto users while giving visibility to both LunC and LuncHero ecosystems


SuperHeroes NFT Metaverse Game

Our vision for SuperHeroes NFT Metaverse Game isn't a simple action game. Our objective is to raise awareness & introduce 3D educative experiences on top of it.


NFT Marketplace

The SuperHeroes NFT marketplace will allow players to buy NFTs to play in the SuperHeroes Metaverse game. They will also be able to buy & sell artifacts that can boost their NFT characters


Phase 1

Website Launch - Large Marketing push to spread awareness - 5000 Telegram & Twitter members - PreSale - PancakeSwap Listing


Phase 2

Listing on CoinMarketCap - Listing on CoinGecko - 30.000 Telegram & Twitter Members - 30.000 Holders - Security Audit - LuncHero Stacking Platform Launch


Phase 3

LuncHero NFT Marketplace - LuncHero NFT Collection - 60.000 Hodlers - 80.000 followers on Telegram & Twitter - Bridge to Ethereum Network - Atomic Swap - SuperHeroes Metaverse Design & Development - LuncHero Academy Curriculum Development


Phase 4

LuncHero NFT Metaverse Game Launch - LuncHero Academy Launch - Website Redesign - 100.000 Hodlers - 120.000 followers on Telegram & Twitter

Deflanatiory Mechanisms

LuncHero is a deflanatiory token governed by four mechanisms


Buy Back

On top of Burning events, 1.5% of buy fees + 2% of sell fees will serve to buyback $LCH and burn it right away after purchase


Game Burn

The game has been designed to burn a substantial amount of $LCH tokens. SuperHeroes is going to be an important part of our deflanatiory mechanisms


Academy Burn

The majority of services at the Academy will be totally free, some premium features will be implemented and will only purchasable using $LCH tokens


Merchandising Burn

20% of the net revenues generated through merchandising sales will be burned immediately

Meet our team

Core Team

We are a team of experienced and dedicated professionals and experts in Web 3.0, Cryptocurrencies, Design, and Marketing

DaCrypto General

The Marketing Wizard

Futurist in Chief

Ideation & Strategy

Marcelo MOC

Lead Dev

the first advisors of the dream team

What sets us apart?

I’ll tell you what sets us apart. Our determination, our drive & our passion to make LunC great again! So to all the haters out there, I say this: keep Hate-ing because we’re not going anywhere!!!



Frequently Ask Questions

Currently you can buy $LCH (LuncHero) on the BSC blockchain. Just go to PancakeSwap and search the token by its contract address: 0x332b6fa6822e9f6ad9f75c7b6c7765f01e128f72

Yes, we aim to deploy on other blockchains like Ethereum to start with. This will come quickly if the community makes it an important part of the growth and success of LunC Hero

Of course, let's not lose the course! Our main goal is to save Luna with the strength of the community. As stated on the website and whitepaper, we will burn LunC daily and at Burn Events with the transaction fees generated on LunC Hero.

Yes, we will bring in as many influencers as we can to make LuncHero the most impactful army in the cryptosphere

Each and every one of us is a LuncHero, but like an army, we need a Leader

LuncHero is here to be the Voice & Flag-bearer for our strong army

LuncHero is the voice of each and every LunC lover & supporter [email protected]
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